About TAN and Third Age Learning

Third Age learning groups are self-managed groups of seniors providing opportunities for members to share learning experiences in a wide range of subjects. Some groups are associated with universities or colleges while others are located in community centres. There are many groups active worldwide – in the USA, in the UK, in Australia, and in many other countries.

The Third Age Network in Ontario came out of an initial meeting in 2007 of lifelong learning groups in the Toronto area. Other senior learning organizations beyond Toronto have joined over the years and there are now 29 members from London to the Georgian Bay area representing more than 9000 senior lifelong learners in Southern Ontario.

Using modern digital technology we hope to make it possible for representatives of the network’s member organizations to interact directly with other members and have a presence at regular group meetings where the distances involved inhibit travel.

Every other year, the Third Age Network sponsors a symposium for organizers and facilitators of Third Age learning programs. The 2017 Symposium was held May 17, 2017 at Ryerson University in Toronto. (click here for more details)

Our goals are to share issues and solutions to common problems, including information on potential speakers, practical administrative details, interesting initiatives and marketing to seniors. We are available to help initiate Third Age learning groups across the province. In addition, we work with post secondary institutions, government and the private sector to support and promote third age learning.

Are you interested in starting a lifelong learning group or improving your existing group?

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