The Third Age Network is administered by an Executive Committee and a Board of Directors. The makeup of the Executive Committee , as of December 7, 2018 is as follows:


President:   Nancy Christie
An association manager in the disability field, Nancy Christie retired in 2001.Her involvement with TAN was initially with Living and Learning in Retirement at Glendon. She has been involved with TAN since its inception.

Vice President: Cathy Spark
Cathy Spark is a member of the Board of the Academy for Lifelong Learning, chairs their Communications Committee, and is the Academy’s webmaster. She has extensive experience in the engineering sector, and, for more than 35 years, has developed effective brand positioning, change management, and strategic communication strategies in Canada and internationally.

Secretary: Loretta Fines
Loretta Fines worked as an elementary school teacher specializing in Special Education, and volunteered as an Information Counsellor at a Women’s Centre. She is Past President of Learning Unlimited Etobicoke and a member of TAN’s Curriculum Committee.

Treasurer: Carole Langford
Carole Langford is a past president of Living and Learning in Retirement and a founder and past president of Third Age Learning-York Region.


Directors at Large on Executive Committee:

Gaby Arato
After a career as a financial professional, Gaby Arato became an instrumental part of the Niagara Community as one of the founding board members of Lifelong Learning Niagara. He is a member of the Niagara Aging Strategy Leadership Council which answers the needs of older adults living in the Niagara Region. For recreation, he plays classical mandolin with a small local Klezmer band in St. Catharines.

Louise Pope
Louise Pope was involved in the start-up of Third Age Barrie and is chair of their Executive Committee. Before retiring she was in management in community health and social services, and more recently, was fund developer at a local community living agency.

Michelle Gold
As a result of her interest in integrating Baby Boomers into Third Age Learning, Michelle led the April 2018 TAN Forum on that same topic. In addition to being a thoughtful and well-researched presenter, she has expertise in organizational improvements, and engaging people in effective networked action and collaboration.


Sandra Kerr
Sandra Kerr is the director of programs for 50 Plus in the G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education at Ryerson University. She is well known in the lifelong learning community in North America.

Board of Directors:

Member Organization Representative Term Ends
Academy for Lifelong Learning, Toronto Doug Wilson 2020
Lifelong Learning Mississauga Sandy Leppan 2021
Georgian Triangle, Collingwood David Green 2019
Living and Learning in Retirement, Toronto Sheryl Danilowitz 2020
Third Age Learning, Burlington Sharon Gibbons 2021
LIFE Institute, Toronto Barbara Atlas 2020
Society for Learning in Retirement, London TBA 2021
Third Age Barrie Louise Pope 2019
Third Age Learning, Guelph Bill Chapman 2019
University of Toronto Senior Alumni Ass’n Maureen Somerville 2020

Third Age Network, c/o Programs for 50+,
The G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education,
Ryerson University,
350 Victoria Street, Toronto, ON M5B 2K3