Keeping Connected With Zoom


The world in which our third age learning groups are operating these days is very different than the one in which we operated as little as three months ago. Requirements put in place by governments of all levels to ensure that everyone is safe from COVID-19 mean that we must find ways to connect as communities and continue on with the business of our groups to the extent that current situations allow.

One of the most common ways that this can be done is by using apps or software to permit us to connect online. While there are a number of reliable, cost effective (often free) options available, many of us are using Zoom, and so that is the one that we will focus on at the present time.

While Zoom can be used on various platforms (smart-phones, tablets, etc.) it is advisable to use it on a computer (Mac or PC) for best experience and functionalities. There is a free version than can be used by a group of 2 or more for a 40 minutes session, however for longer sessions, it is recommended that you purchase the Pro version. An online training session is avaialble on Zoom’s website under “Resources” at:


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Etiquette For Zoom Sessions

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What Our Members Are Doing

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Zoom Resources

There are many resources for information on using and applying Zoom, and the number is growing rapidly as more and more people look for options to stay in touch while being physically distant.

The list below is not comprehensive, but it does point you towards some good articles with which to get started.

Check back from time to time as we will add to the items as we find things of interest.

Some Zoom Resources


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