Connecting to Change the World. This introductory text to networking can be read online in Google Books. See it here

Links for Seniors A comprehensive list of sites for seniors in Canada

Old Masters – After 80, some people don’t retire. They reign. 
An article in the New York Times Magazine, October 2014.

Lifelong Learning (U3A) Australia

Australia has seven U3A networks representing its seven states. Total national membership exceeds 40,000.

CARP is a national   organization   committed to advancing the needs and interests of Canadians as they age.

100+   Self- Education   Resources For   Lifelong Learners

Books, Articles and Research Studies on Third Age Learning


…supporting policies and programs to help improve the quality of life for seniors

Senior Toronto is a not-for-profit website. It was created by a Toronto pensioner with a passion for quality living — and quality information for seniors.