Third Age Learning

Books, Articles and Research Studies

An International Perspective of the University of the Third Age
by Richard Swindell, Faculty of Education, Griffith University and Jean Thompson, U3A, Great Britain, September 1995

Lifelong Learning in Later Life: A Handbook on Older Adult Learning by Brian Findsen and Marvin Formosa
published by Sense Publishers, Rotterdam, 2011

Comment: This link is to a Google book so much of the content is omitted.

Universities of the Third Age: Learning in Retirement
by Sandra Kerka, 1999

Trends and Issues Alert No. 2 published by ERIC Clearinghouse On Adult, Career, And Vocational Education

Comment: This article provides a brief summary of lifelong learning today and an extensive bibliography of English language texts on the subject

Taking Stock of Lifelong Learning in Canada 2005-2010: Progress or Complacency

Report to Parliamentarians, March 30, 2010 by CCL (Canadian Council on Learning)

Comment: This study deals with education and learning throughout life – not only seniors

Réflexions de l’Association des universités du 3e âge du Nouveau-Brunswick en matière de formation continue

A joint study by University of Moncton financed by the ministère de l’Éducation postsecondaire, travail et formation du Nouveau-Brunswick – Juin 2013

Comment: This is a very interesting and major study drawing upon both local and international sources from around the world.

Older Adults in Lifelong Learning: Participation and Successful Aging

Canadian Journal of University Continuing Education, Vol. 34, No. 1, Spring 2008, pp. 37-62

Never too old to learn: Seniors and learning in Canada

Canadian Council on Learning (CCL), August 22, 2006