An International Perspective of the University of the Third Age
by Richard Swindell, Faculty of Education, Griffith University and Jean Thompson, U3A, Great Britain, September 1995

Lifelong Learning in Later Life: A Handbook on Older Adult Learning by Brian Findsen and Marvin Formosa
published by Sense Publishers, Rotterdam, 2011

Comment: This link is to a Google book so much of the content is omitted.

Universities of the Third Age: Learning in Retirement
by Sandra Kerka, 1999

Trends and Issues Alert No. 2 published by ERIC Clearinghouse On Adult, Career, And Vocational Education

Comment: This article provides a brief summary of lifelong learning today and an extensive bibliography of English language texts on the subject

Taking Stock of Lifelong Learning in Canada 2005-2010: Progress or Complacency

Report to Parliamentarians, March 30, 2010 by CCL (Canadian Council on Learning)

Comment: This study deals with education and learning throughout life – not only seniors

Réflexions de l’Association des universités du 3e âge du Nouveau-Brunswick en matière de formation continue

A joint study by University of Moncton financed by the ministère de l’Éducation postsecondaire, travail et formation du Nouveau-Brunswick – Juin 2013

Comment: This is a very interesting and major study drawing upon both local and international sources from around the world.

Older Adults in Lifelong Learning: Participation and Successful Aging

Canadian Journal of University Continuing Education, Vol. 34, No. 1, Spring 2008, pp. 37-62

Never too old to learn: Seniors and learning in Canada

Canadian Council on Learning (CCL), August 22, 2006