Speaker List

List of Recommended Speakers at TAN Member Events

Lectures and talks hosted by TAN groups successfully engage and inspire their members across the province.  Part of our spirit of networking is that member groups are willing to share with others the details of topics and speakers that they have used and enjoyed so that committees can have a source of inspiration and information when planning their own upcoming programs. 

The information provided through the link below will provide details on the speaker, theme of the talk, the date, and the organization that hosted the talk so that you can obtain more information if needed. The list covers 2020 – 2022 inclusive.

The list will only be valuable if we keep it comprehensive and current. We encourage you to share with us the successful sessions that your group hosts so that the information can be added to the list. 

Submissions or questions can be emailed to Thirdagenetworkont@gmail.com

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